Pro bono with Travers Smith

Pro bono with Travers Smith

The importance of pro bono; Travers Smith's practice; and how it can help junior lawyers.

Show notes

We spoke to the good people at Travers Smith about the firm's renowned pro bono practice and partnerships with various organisations to help make the world a better place. Our discussion covered the legal aid crisis, how firms can avoid corporate colonialism and much more.

JUSTICE is a human rights organisation working to strengthen the justice system in the UK. Travers Smith is the Corporate partner for JUSTICE's expert working party investigation into the over representation of BAME youth in the criminal youth justice system (YJS). The working party has examined the causes of BAME disproportionality in the YJS and will shortly publish its report of practical recommendations aimed at reducing that disproportionality and ensuring that children are not needlessly criminalised.

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